Disclaimer and Introduction


Although there is a current anti-Trump political movement that calls itself “The Resistance” Let it be known that The Resistance is Dead has no affiliation with that movement whatsoever. The Resistance is Dead (a zombie book series) began a full eight months before President Trump was elected. Any perceived connections between the two are entirely coincidental.

The series features a fictional president named Adam Chambers. A man of the people, with a pure heart and the mind of a true leader. He has the misfortune of being in charge when a Night of the Living Dead style zombie apocalypse spreads throughout the entire globe, killing and turning a full third of the world’s population in a few short days.

Along with Chambers, The Resistance is Dead also follows a group of friends who are life-long fans of all things related to the undead. Will their years of dreaming and prepping help them to survive the real deal? Will Chambers be able to keep the zombies from destroying the nation? Check out The Resistance is Dead: The Outbreak (on kindle, paperback, hardcover and audiobook) to find out.

Already read the first book? Then pick up a copy of President Zombie, released December 1st, 2017 in paperback and hardcover (kindle version available as well).

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Viva La Resistance!