The Story


A third of the world’s population has been stricken by a fast-acting, mysterious virus. President Adam Chambers has enacted a quarantine across America as the government scrambles to find a solution to the crisis. When victims of the virus begin to die and come back as flesh-eating zombies, he finds himself pushing his problem-solving and leadership skills to their limits. He pledges to find whoever is responsible and bring them to justice.

All of the movies, shows, games, and comic books about zombies have come to life. For Chambers this is a living nightmare. For Patrick Mills and his friends, lifelong fans of all things zombie, it is a dream come true. Or is it? Will suppressed guns, bicycles, and years of gaming and role-playing really be enough for this gang to survive the end?

The journey begins with The Resistance is Dead: The Outbreak (on kindle, paperback, hardcover and audiobook).

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*The Saga Continues! Book 1 Spoilers Ahead*








For those of you who have already read the first book and are hungry for more, go pick up President Zombie  in paperback and hardcover (kindle version available as well).

Explore the world as seen through the eyes of a zombie. Feel his hunger. Join him in his struggle to regain some facet of his former humanity. See how quickly the world can descend into madness, and just how long the luck of Patrick, Reggie, Kayla, Dez, and Bethany can last. Meet new and exciting characters. Laugh, cry, eat brains.