The Resistance is Dead is a unique take on the classic zombie tale. The story takes readers from the first bite into the apocalypse and is told from two perspectives. The first, that of President Adam Chambers, a president beloved by all who genuinely tries to always put the needs of the people first, and his plight to manage what his cabinet promised him was a passing illness that turned out to have a lasting, permanent effect, even after death.

The second perspective is that of a group of hardcore survivalists. They’ve played every zombie video game. They’ve watched every zombie movie. They’ve read every zombie book, but how will they fare when they attempt to apply all they’ve learned to a real-life zombie apocalypse?

The Resistance is Dead is an ongoing book series, with it’s first full-length novel released in October of 2016. There are two ways to stay in the know of each new book as it comes out. The first is to sign up for our mailing list. The second, we always have the current Early Access Novel on the homepage. It’s $5 for access to the book as it’s being written (digital content only for this part) or you can pre-order your copy in either paperback or hardcover!