The Story

Not too far off in the future an unknown virus will spread to cover the entire globe, infecting one out of every three people. Less than a week later, the virus will develop into a full-blown zombie apocalypse.

Meet President Adam Chambers. A man of the people, with a pure heart and the mind of a true leader. He has the misfortune of being in charge when the virus is unleashed.

The Resistance is Dead also follows YouTuber Patrick Mills and his friends, who are life-long fans of all things related to zombies.

Will their years of dreaming and prepping help them to survive the real deal? Will Chambers be able to keep the zombies from destroying the nation? Check out The Resistance is Dead: The Outbreak (on kindle, paperback, hardcover and audiobook) to find out.

*Free Preview: Before the First Bite*

The Resistance is Dead begins a few days before the emergence of the living dead. I’ve found that many zombie stories jump right into the undead action, using the first bite or attack as a hook. In my series the virus is the hook, and the first bite is the inciting event, which separates Act 1 from Act 2. I’ve always wanted a chance to explore a world and get to know characters before they started battling zombies. To feel that click as they leave the “normal” world behind. As a Thank You for coming to this site and reading this far, I’d like to offer you the first five chapters of book 1 for free. No strings attached. Click the following link to read The Outbreak, Act 1, Before the First Bite. Thanks again.




*The Saga Continues! Book 1 Spoilers Ahead*



For those of you who have already read the first book and are hungry for more, good news! President Zombie released December 1st, 2017  in paperback and hardcover (kindle version available as well).

Explore the world as seen through the eyes of a zombie. Feel his hunger. Join him in his struggle to regain some facet of his former humanity. See how quickly the world can descend into madness, and just how long the luck of Patrick, Reggie, Kayla, Dez, and Bethany can last. Meet new and exciting characters. Explore the underground layer of the mysterious Brotherhood. The time has come. The wait is over. The saga continues with: