State of Decay Literate Gamer Podcast.

In case you’re unfamiliar, State of Decay is an Xbox 360 exclusive open-world zombie survival game with a number of very cool and unique mechanics. You can switch between different characters. You focus on group survival and building, as well as upgrading and maintaining various base camps. You are responsible for finding food, medical supplies, … [Read more…]

Stargate Article

There is something about the movie Stargate that has captivated my imagination since I was a kid. I would re-watch it almost as much as the original Star Wars trilogy growing up. The setting, the actors, the concept, the execution, and that amazing music all blended together into an incredibly satisfying and original science fiction … [Read more…]

Trauma of the Living Dead.

On Halloween, 1968, an independent film named Night of the Living Dead hit theaters across the nation. Forty years later, millions of zombie fans look back on that event as the start of a massive popular culture phenomenon that has inspired a large number of other films, video games, books, comic books, TV shows, conventions, t-shirts, … [Read more…]