Return of The Escapist

Greetings readers, future readers, and…well that’s about it for anyone who will see this. Because even if you’ve never read any of my blog posts, articles, or my book series, you have made it this far, which means that you aren’t even a future reader anymore. We are sharing this moment now.

I have good news! I just landed a semi-monthly columnist position over at the Escapist. I will be sharing my observations, rants, and theories there twice a month from now on. This all started a couple of weeks ago as a pitch for another freelance feature. One thing led to another, and here we are. I am beyond excited to be working with the Escapist team once again, and have a number of subjects I’ll be diving into under an actual deadline structure. To be honest, I have much to learn when it comes to setting up my own deadlines. I certainly prefer to have my deadlines set for me from some higher power.

Those of you who really enjoyed the P.A.M. blog post should go to the Escapist tomorrow and read the new, improved, bells and whistles version of that theory. The rest of my features will be on different topics, but I’ve got a few aces up my sleeve that I’m looking forward to fleshing out soon. I’ll make sure to post here whenever a new feature goes live over there, but this blog won’t be reduced to simple redirects. Ideally, I’d like to invest a few hours five days a week into writing, which includes this little known space. So far that pace is working for me. I’ve gone from barely writing a chapter a month for two months (pathetic, I know, but I was battling a beast of depression that was fueled with the essence of self-doubt) to writing three new chapters so far this week. I also put together the article that goes live tomorrow in that time, and I feel more invigorated than drained by diving deeper. The next book is approaching a climax, and I’m really looking forward to getting it out in the world.

Anyway, that’s the latest on my end. More updates to come soon. Feel free to share thoughts and feedback in the comments, but rest assured that I don’t care about SEO optimization, Viagra prescriptions, having robots write blog posts for me, or any of the other repetitive spammer comments I’ve had to sift through from day one. That probably won’t stop the torrent of weeds trying to take root in my comments, but I figured I’d at least throw that out there.






  1. Kris

    I eagerly await your post about the Sole Survivor being a synth in Fallout 4. I’ve read similar theories and even went into my game role playing this possibility and it really does allow you to view the game from an entirely different viewpoint. Ironically I came to know about your website because of the podcast you had participated in and I was directed to that podcast from an entirely different website that had re-posted you P.A.M./Skynet theory. Keep up the good work with your blog.

    • Oh my God,a real person. I’ve spammed over 100 comments before reaching your actual real feedback from words I’ve written. This is surreal. I’ll be happy to share my synth theory knowing there is at least one actual human being out there who cares in the slightest about what I have to say. Jesus Christ, the false feedback is draining as fuck. Thank you for leaving a real comment.

      • Kris

        It was my pleasure and it is nice to receive a response to the reply as I was hoping you hadn’t become too busy to notice between your own work as well your submissions to The Escapist. Again keep up the good work as I know the difficulty in trying to piece together all the tidbits of lore Bethesda left in Fallout 4 for us players to discover for ourselves. I have enough jumbled around in my own thoughts that I couldn’t imagine putting it down into words for others to digest. Thank you for taking the time to do it yourself and for sharing it with us.

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