Author Q & A

1). Without any spoilers, can you tell our readers what “The Resistance is Dead” is about?

It is about the classic “zombie apocalypse” scenario, but seen through different eyes. The first story arc explores two distinct points of view that I feel are under-explored so far in the vast field of zombie lore. The first is the P.O.V. of leadership during the unfolding apocalypse, and the second is the perspective of a group of zombie fans, who have all of the rules of what would happen and what they would do in such a scenario engraved in their minds, and are then presented with the situation itself (and are caught off guard by the merging of fantasy and reality). Usually Zombie stories begin after the dead have risen again, this one begins a short time before that moment and takes the time to explore the transition.


Even though this is my first fiction series, I have been having a blast exploring this idea so far. The journey will be full of twists and turns just when you start to get comfortable with the basic rules.


2). What’s your favorite part about writing?


Connecting with readers. There is nothing that compares to the feeling of writing what you feel to be a relevant and insightful thought, and then having a reader express the same sentiment on their end of this exchange. That is magic. I began writing, as many others I’m sure, to myself. I was my own first critic and first groupie. To extend the field of exposure beyond myself was a step of faith, but to get understanding from readers in response to that action is a satisfaction hard to put into words. It’s a rush.


3). For you, what’s the biggest challenge when it comes to writing?


The idea that whatever I have to contribute has been done before, numerous times.


In the internet age, with Google so ready and willing to answer any question one might think of, the weight of likely irrelevance weighs heavy on a lot of creative people these days. The more experience I have in proving that thought wrong, the more confidence I gain as a writer. I can’t help but think of a passage from Dune when confronted with this question: “fear is the mind killer”. The whole prayer from that book has weight for me, but this line in particular really sums things up.


4). Why did you want to write for TNM Publishing?


Several reasons. I have known TNM founder Timothy Morris for almost 20 years, and I believe in him on a creative level. He is an imaginative force to be reckoned with, and always has been. I also believe in the basic principles of TNM, and their regard for writers. This environment is different in approach and vision to the type of work I’ve done at The Escapist. While I have enjoyed commenting on the creative worlds developed by other people so far, TNM allows me the chance to join in on the fun and do some of my own world building. The basic philosophy is that writers should express themselves, and go crazy, while maintaining the caution of always writing well enough to publish. Editing feedback has been invaluable (and always is, no matter who you write for.) As a writer, I have been waiting for permission to go crazy, to dig deep in a way that is new and exciting. TNM gives me that permission.


5). What are you most excited about with “The Resistance is Dead”?


This book allows me, as a fan of zombie lore, to delve into perspectives that have been given less exposure than they deserve. It presents the opportunity to explore the idea of a classic zombie scenario unfolding in a world that has been culturally prepared for it. It brings the well known threat a little closer to home than even The Walking Dead has been able to manage, and that is a goldmine of story potential waiting to be tapped into. I also have a few twists and turns planned for this story that readers will most likely not see coming, but that is for me to know, and for you to find out.


6). Do you have any other projects in the works for TNM Publishing?


As of right now, “The Resistance is Dead” is the main focus, but in time that focus will shift to other worlds and other stories. Let’s put it this way: as long as you keep reading, I will keep writing. That’s a promise.


7). What else do you write/have you written?

My first venture into professional writing was an article explaining that the story arc of Fight Club was mapped by the themes of a Nine Inch Nails album (The Downward Spiral). It was published by The Escapist in fall, 2014. Since then I have written an episodic analysis of Twin Peaks season 1, along with a number of Star Wars reviews and fan theories. I have also discussed the dark history of comic books, and what Xbox needs to do to stay relevant in the modern console wars. All of these articles were freelance ventures published by The Escapist. My latest article explained how the plot of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Is based on a real life conspiracy by GM to dismantle electric trolleys between the 1930’s and 1950’s.