Back From The Dead

On December 1st, President Zombie, the second book of my series went to print. My last published blog post was six months ago. It has been a very eventful six months. Full disclosure, I am something of an introvert. As an author working to build a readership, I find it very challenging to “get out there” … [Read more…]

President Zombie

Chapter 1: Lost and Found Some time after his death, President Adam Chambers opened his eyes. Lost in limbo, he had fallen asleep again. By that point, there was no telling how many hours or days it had been since he’d ended up there. At first, he was terrified and confused, but those stages had … [Read more…]

Is the Sole Survivor a Synth?

It’s a simple question, really. One that makes a tremendous impact on the story of Fallout 4, the purpose of the player character, the lengths to which Father would be willing to go to ensure his legacy, and the depth of madness that he had actually achieved. Is the Sole Survivor a Synth? That question … [Read more…]

Return of The Escapist

Greetings readers, future readers, and…well that’s about it for anyone who will see this. Because even if you’ve never read any of my blog posts, articles, or my book series, you have made it this far, which means that you aren’t even a future reader anymore. We are sharing this moment now. I have good … [Read more…]

NIN Not the Actual Events review

I know, I know. I’m not exactly being current here. The EP in question was released nine days before the end of 2016 (don’t think I didn’t notice that one, Trent), and we are approaching the end of February 2017 already. So what gives? Apparently the “physical component” of the EP is shipping this week. … [Read more…]

Literate Gamer Fallout Discussion

Nick and Johnathan at Literate Gamer were kind enough to have me on for a second episode. In this one we discuss the good the bad and the possible of Fallout 4, which has sucked the very juice from my eyeballs since launch. Unfortunately we breezed through an hour or so before I go the … [Read more…]

Skyrim discussion with Literate Gamers

This happened to me last week. I’ve got a few mods installed and one of them makes companions immortal. I don’t like Lydia. She’s too snarky for my taste. Plus I’m married to Aela the huntress, and have two kids in our tiny Breezehome residence, and it’s just weird trying to go to bed with … [Read more…]

Why Zombies?

So far in this blog I’ve done a couple of posts about the Fallout series (one of my biggest current gaming obsessions) and feature a quartet of characters dressed up in kevlar-reinforced vault suits in my book. I’ve written about Nine Inch Nails (my favorite band for the past almost twenty years) and feature a … [Read more…]

General Update

Hey there, internet. I know it’s been a few months since I’ve posted anything here, and that the consistency of content on this blog has been spotty at best since it all began. The vision I had for this site was a place where I could dump random fan theories and speculations about a variety … [Read more…]