Back From The Dead

On December 1st, President Zombie, the second book of my series went to print. My last published blog post was six months ago. It has been a very eventful six months. Full disclosure, I am something of an introvert. As an author working to build a readership, I find it very challenging to “get out there” when I’d rather just stay in the warm safety of my head. I’ve also had quite a few challenges in my personal life recently. Saying all that, the layer of dust in this blog is pretty thick, so consider this post a new beginning. To zombify a corny phrase, “Pardon our guts, but brains we must!”

If you look through the history of posts so far here, you will find an odd mixture of topics updated infrequently over a couple of years. I’ll keep those posts up, in case you want to read them, but I consider this post as a new page and a new direction. Rather than discussing video games or Star Wars or whatever else I happen to be into that isn’t zombie-related, I will focus in more on the series itself. I will share sample chapters, discuss characters or themes from the story, etc.

Why wasn’t I just doing that in the first place? Excellent question! The assumption I made before was that readers of this blog maybe hadn’t read the book yet, and so I didn’t want to spoil anything. Not anymore. You’ve made it this far. We’ve got an apocalyptic universe to discuss. I won’t spoil anything related to President Zombie in this blog, though, at least until the third book, The Undead Conspiracy is out. Does that sound fair?

For the time being, comments on this blog are disabled, but if you’d like to get in touch, send an email to

More info soon.