Literate Gamer Fallout Discussion

Nick and Johnathan at Literate Gamer were kind enough to have me on for a second episode. In this one we discuss the good the bad and the possible of Fallout 4, which has sucked the very juice from my eyeballs since launch. Unfortunately we breezed through an hour or so before I go the chance to discuss my P.A.M./Skynet theory (see ‘Who Dropped the Bombs in Fallout?‘). However I did give a rundown of my quest to determine if the Sole Survivor is (or could be) a synth. I’ll do a proper write up for that sometime soon. The podcast episode is here.

For the record, I am now an ongoing listener to their podcast. I think what they do is a good combination of smart and fun, and definitely worth a listen. I’ve gone through about half their back catalog so far and really enjoyed what I heard. It tends to lean more on the gamer side of things than the writing side, but there are a couple of great episodes where they have on authors and editors and really get into it.

Also, I forgot to mention that I like to sell Myrna synth components in bulk, treating them like scalps or the ears and fingers of Fallout 3 (if you got those perks). I was wondering if any other Fallout fans out there also do this, or have any other Role Playing quirks that they like to do. Feel free to discuss all things Fallout in the comments (I will happily join in the conversation).