Skyrim discussion with Literate Gamers


This happened to me last week. I’ve got a few mods installed and one of them makes companions immortal. I don’t like Lydia. She’s too snarky for my taste. Plus I’m married to Aela the huntress, and have two kids in our tiny Breezehome residence, and it’s just weird trying to go to bed with my wife while Lydia is sitting in the chair in my bedroom 24/7 talking about how faithfully devoted to my protection she is. It’s awkward, ok? So I took her on a journey towards Windhelm and stumbled upon the cult of Boethiah and had a terrible idea. An awful evil idea when they said I would need to offer up someone who trusts me as a human sacrifice to be accepted in their ranks. She was standing right there! I had no idea if it would work, so I quicksaved, told her I needed her to do something, then commanded her to touch the sacrificial pole. She died seconds later, by my war axe. I ended up getting a sweet ebony chain mail at the end of that quest and went on with my life.

The next time I rolled up in town a familiar courier walked up to me and gave me 300 gold (minus taxes, naturally) and a moving letter from the Jarl expressing his condolences for the loss of my beloved housecarl Lydia, who was fortunate to have such good friends, and enough wealth to be able to leave some to those she cared about in life the most.

When this happened, I was already leader of the Dark Brotherhood, a werewolf who had no qualms with munching on a few farmers out in the country under the full moon, and the mace of Molog Bal was gathering dust in my trunk. I had done some dark things. But this was a new level, a point of no return. My character is a damned soul.

Skyrim was my first Bethesda game. I had no idea what I was in for. It opened my eyes about what could be possible in video games, and I feel as though somehow in the hours of questing, looting, slaying, and exploring that I have learned a few lessons about life that would be otherwise impossible to learn.

Just over a month ago I got in contact with the guys at the Literate Gamer podcast and we spent about an hour gushing over this behemoth of a game. Convenient link to Podcast

Enjoy. Feel free to leave your own random Skyrim stories in the comments.