Star Wars Clone Wars series leaving Netflix soon. :(

On March 7th, all 121 episodes of the spectacular Star Wars: Clone Wars series will be pulled out of the Netflix streaming library. I found that out about a month ago, and decided to try to finish the series as fast as possible, because I never caught the show on TV (actually I’ve boycotted TV for the past decade, if you must know). I just finished the series tonight, and I’m all tingly from what I saw. Epic battles, varied story lines, lore galore, missing gaps lovingly filled in, in short: way more than I expected.

I saw the Star Wars Clone Wars movie when it came out in theaters, and while I enjoyed it, I forgot about it for years. Got distracted by other things, and went on with my life. Now that my appetite for Star Wars has been reawakened (There’s been an awakening. Can you feel it?), Clone Wars has satisfied my cravings in a way that really makes me feel bad about missing the show when it was first coming out. I’m glad that I could binge watch, though, because many story lines (especially in later seasons) span three to four episodes each. It would drive me mad to have to wait a week between each portion.

If you have Netflix (and by this point, everyone should), and for some reason have missed Clone Wars, I’d recommend taking a couple of sick days from work and diving into the show while you still can (the plug gets pulled March 7th). Even if you’ve pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch and already took time off to play Breath of the Wild at launch, save the games for later. Netflix and chill on the show while you can. Or, just buy the series on Blu-ray to support the team that put it together. Even though I saw the series before it was pulled, I’ll most likely buy it anyway because it is that amazingly good.

That’s all for now. Hopefully, I’m just late to the game and many readers already understand what a fantastic experience it is because they’ve already seen it. If not, stop everything right now and check it out.