Stargate Article

There is something about the movie Stargate that has captivated my imagination since I was a kid. I would re-watch it almost as much as the original Star Wars trilogy growing up. The setting, the actors, the concept, the execution, and that amazing music all blended together into an incredibly satisfying and original science fiction adventure. I was really disappointed that there wasn’t a sequel, and didn’t get to see the SG-1 series until almost a decade later. Although SG-1 was a really cool way to keep the story going, there was a marked difference between TV shows and blockbuster films in terms of production quality. These days that line is thinner than ever, but not back then. Back then you could just tell.

Last Spring, while finishing up my second book, I landed an opportunity to write an Escapist article about Stargate and how there are actually two other blockbuster films out there that fit nicely alongside the Stargate story to form a rather epic, but unofficial, trilogy. Click here to read the article. Hope you enjoy.

Until next time, here’s the official Stargate trailer.