State of Decay Literate Gamer Podcast.

In case you’re unfamiliar, State of Decay is an Xbox 360 exclusive open-world zombie survival game with a number of very cool and unique mechanics. You can switch between different characters. You focus on group survival and building, as well as upgrading and maintaining various base camps. You are responsible for finding food, medical supplies, construction materials and various other resources on an ongoing basis. The graphics aren’t exactly stellar, but the concept and the execution are really well done in my opinion. I played two games quite a bit to get myself in the zombie head space while writing my series: Dying Light, and the State of Decay Xbox One reissue. Both are amazing, in my opinion.

In my third appearance on the Literate Gamer podcast, Nick, Johnathan and I explore the virtues and shortcomings of the game. This podcast actually came out last spring, which is similar to the article I shared recently. There are a few other odds and ends that I’ll be posting here shortly. Tune in for more content soon.

Until next time.