Welcome to Things Chewing on my Brain!

I don’t know about you, but when I write, the first words can be the most challenging to come up with. For example, chapter 1 of The Resistance is Dead was the forth attempt at putting the idea into words. The other three drafts started at different places in the story, had different angles, and gave off different vibes. The story was there; had been there since before I even tried to write it out, but those introductory words were pretty elusive for awhile.

However for you writers, or would-be writers out there: if you have a great idea and feel like you’ll never find the perfect introductory page, phrase, or paragraph: write a bad intro and just plow on ahead for a few pages. You’ll at least have a better idea of what your story is about by doing so, and then you’ll be closer to finding the right tone, words, and general approach.  The trick is to get the ball rolling and the story breathing.

So is this a blog for writers? It’s getting dangerously close, what with the first two paragraphs and first impressions being oh so crucial. But that brief rant was an example of something that was “chewing on my brain”.

This blog will cover a variety of topics, ideas, and fan theories. I won’t write about writing here (except for now, because this is an introduction). I’ll mostly write about zombies, and Fallout, and Video Game High School, and Star Wars, and so on. Some posts will be short and to the point, some will go on for pages and pages. The point is, you never know.

This blog is a shapeless lump of potential right now, and that is an exciting thing. We’ve already gotten over the hard part. We’re several paragraphs into it at this point, and I hope you’re feeling as comfortable as me.

So who am I? Apart from the author of The Resistance is Dead, that is? Well, my credentials include over a year of freelance journalism at the Escapist magazine, which began as an exclusively Video Game-centered site, but had branched out to explore Movies and TV, along with a variety of other topics. That’s where I came in. My first article was a fan theory about how Fight Club was based on an industrial concept album released two years before the book was published. That album was The Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails. I have written fifteen other articles for them since.

The theory itself bounced around in my head for a few years before I happened to meet one of the editors of the Escapist at a party, and I gave him the rundown. He told me I should pitch it to the site, which I did. They picked it up and I was suddenly a paid writer.

Well, by “suddenly”, I mean I went through an outline and three drafts before it was ready to print.Writing is hard work, fun as it is. The editors I have worked with at the Escapist and TNM have provided a tremendous amount of insight and guidance along the way. They are the real unsung heroes in this whole creative process.

But enough shop talk. This post is about introductions, and I believe we have accomplished that goal. So stay tuned for the fun stuff, and I hope you enjoy The Resistance is Dead.