Why the North Carolina Outer Banks Is My Zombie Apocalypse Go-To Destination.

In TRID book 1, The Outbreak, the characters Patrick, Reggie, Kayla, and Dez head out to the North Carolina Outer Banks as soon as the nationwide curfew is lifted. This group of friends shares a bond of fantasizing their survival strategy in an apocalyptic scenario. Some of them are more serious about it than others. Reggie is the most serious and prepared out of all of them, by a long shot. He is the alpha male of the pack, and as I explain in chapter 2, it was his idea to head to the Outer Banks.

The first time I visited Ocracoke Island was back in 2008. I toured the numerous lighthouses littered throughout the Outer Banks with some friends, and we hopped the ferry out to Ocracoke Island to see the tiny light house there. As we explored the village at the end of the long, thin island, I thought to myself how perfect it would be to ride out a zombie apocalypse out there. I’ve had various thoughts like that throughout my life, so at the time I didn’t think much of it. I certainly didn’t think that I would be revisiting that fleeting thought years later as one of the main settings for my first novel. I just told myself that if I happened to be around when the zombies really do come, that I would high-tail it to Ocracoke, and then marveled at the pretty wild horses.

If there were some kind of crazy upheaval event, like an interplanetary invasion involving beings that both look like Ewoks and share their taste for human flesh, you’d better believe that I would head straight to the Outer Banks. If I have to go, I’d want to go where there are waves and seagulls. I’d want to go on my own terms.

For Zombie Apocalypse survival, Portsmouth island makes a lot of strategic sense. It is just a few miles away from Ocracoke and only accessible by boat. It’s also uninhabited. Now, it should be noted that in my series, zombies don’t swim or walk through water…as far as anyone knows. If they were the kind of zombies to fight sharks at the bottom of the ocean…well that would be pretty awful. In that case, maybe a secluded mountain village would be better, or the top of a plateau out in the mesa…or maybe nowhere would be safe. Maybe it would just be a matter of time. Maybe there would be no point to resistance at all…that would be bleak.

In closing, here’s a clip of a zombie fighting a shark from the 1979 film Zombi 2 (because of course that’s a thing).


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